Ever since she was a little girl parked in front of HGTV with her Mom, Emily has been enamored by design. She realized early on that a thoughtfully designed space, a well-curated room, can change not only how a person lives in their home, but how they live their life.  

When she's not rearranging her own living room layout, Emily will be traveling.  She has spent her life traveling around the world, chasing new experiences, observing other cultures and participating in the world around her.  Long before Florecera, Emily spent much of her travels hunting for textiles, both antiques in markets from Zanzibar to Oaxaca, and newly-made items in the homes of wonderful artisans from Lake Atitlan to Gujarat.

Emily is a traveler and a nester, a leader and a follower, an extrovert and an introvert, and talker and a listener.  All in that order.  She loves to laugh deep, cook new foods [not always well], daydream about interiors and always has her hands in a new project.

Brooklyn, NY: 2016